Vape Cartridge Packaging- Why It Matters for the Vape Industry

Vape cartridge packaging is an important consideration for the vape industry. Packaging plays a great role for any business. It helps the products for many reasons. There are many different types of vape cartridges out there, with various flavors and nicotine strengths. For this reason, it is essential that you have attractive packaging to entice potential customers into buying your product. Custom vape cartridge packaging can be a very important part of marketing your product.

 Here are some tips to consider when designing vape cartridges:

– то make the design as professional and clean as possible by keeping it simple. With no clutter or unnecessary details that will take away from the overall package.

– Use high-resolution images on the front of a vape cartridge box to help customers understand what they’re buying before opening up the package for more information. Many people come across vaping products online with a little description about them. So pictures give them an idea first if this is something they want or not without having to open up all those custom boxes wholesale. That might have been sitting in their homes for months now, taking space. So, both sides of a flip-top vape cartridge box should have high-resolution images of the product on them.

– This is another important factor in packaging for vaping cartridges. Because some people buy online, and they do not get to see or hold what they’re buying until later down the line when their package arrives at home. So, make sure your company includes information.

About how strong a marijuana concentrate (THC/ CBD) will be contained within each individual vaporizer pen that you offer. That way, customers can understand exactly what strength concentration levels are inside. Before even taking out one cartridge from its packaging. Which could lead them to possibly making orders with more discretion if this information was missing altogether.

If there isn’t any size listed on top of your flip-top vape carton. You want to make sure that you list it out on the other side of your cartridge.

– If there isn’t any size listed on top of your flip-top vape carton. Then you want to consider getting the weight of each cartridge. So, you can include this information on your packaging. This is because it’s important for customers to know how much they are taking home. Before opening up their vape pen. Especially if there isn’t any type of warning label or instructions included within that tip box.

.- If you’re not including any safety warnings, then consider adding these into your package design. Some states have begun putting in stricter laws against using cannabinoids. While driving and operating machinery like a car. Which could prohibit them from buying things online. Without knowing exactly what restrictions exist with a specific product beforehand.

For those who live in more conservative areas where cannabis products aren’t approved yet, try offering different options besides just cartridges as well as vaporizer pens. Customers might be more willing to purchase a lotion or cream instead. As well as these products might be less risky for people who aren’t comfortable using cannabis in the first place.

Pay Attention to Cartridge Packaging:

The vape industry is a booming business with millions of users and billions in revenue. The packaging of the e-liquid cartridges that are used by vapers has become an integral part of this billion-dollar industry. Because it can determine whether or not a customer will purchase a product. If you want to take your company to the next level, then you should pay attention to cartridge packaging.

Serve Several Purposes:

Cartridge packaging serves several purposes. First and foremost, it keeps the vape liquid inside of the cartridge safe from breakage or leakage. Which would ruin them and either cause harm to consumers or drive away customers by causing a bad customer experience.

Next, it helps companies create an image for their brand. That is memorable enough that people will be able to recognize your logo when they see it on store shelves. Even if you don’t have any other branding elements. Such as colors or specific typography choices yet.

It’s also important because cartridges are used in conjunction with batteries where users attach a tank over the top of the battery to heat up liquids into vapor form before inhaling them through a mouthpiece attached to the tank system itself.

Cartridges connect directly into this tank system. and since there are only a couple of different types of vape batteries on the market right now (510 threaded & 510 threadless), most cartridges will work with pretty much any battery.


At first glance, it may seem like this is not an important factor, but if you think about where many people keep their vaporizer products—such as in pockets or purses—you can begin to understand why cartridge packaging matters so much for your brand.

Make it Sturdy

If your product gets banged around too hard during transportation or storage because its packaging isn’t sturdy enough, then the chances are high that it’s going to break before users even get the chance to use it! It’s also important because cartridges are used in conjunction with batteries where users attach a tank over the battery to be able to use it. If your cartridge or packaging breaks, then users won’t even be able to attach their tanks, and the product will become useless.

Must Look Around in the Market

If you want a chance at being successful in this industry, then you have to pay close attention not only to which vape pens are currently popular but also how other brands’ cartridge products compare against yours. There is always room for improvement, so don’t ever think that your vaporizer pen might be as good as it can possibly get because what works today may stop working tomorrow if there’s something new happening in the industry that people just can’t ignore. So, keep an eye out for all changes going around related to vaping right now—and especially those affecting cartridges/packaging—so you can stay ahead of the game.

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