6 Worst First Date Ideas That You Definitely Should Avoid

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Dating has always been the most romantic period for couples. The time when you get acquainted with someone special will always remain in your mind. Usually, people seek unique first-date ideas to impress a potential partner. It may be a real challenge every time as most options seem to be very trivial. Moreover, you should mind that besides the best first date ideas, many bad ones exist. What should you not do on a first date? This is what we are going to discuss in the following article. Keep an eye on the worst first date ideas if you do not want to spoil the first impression for both of you. 

What are the Worst Date Ideas?

Perhaps most people would like to have a memorable first date experience. Still, memorable is not equal to a good one.  It all depends on the best and worst first date ideas that you consider for arranging a meeting. There is a lot of information about good options for the first meeting that you can find on the Internet. That’s why it would be more useful to focus attention on the first date worst ideas. 

  1. Watch porn films

If you want to watch porn films on the first date, then you should get ready for a complete failure. Discussing porn actresses like Sasha Grey and offering to spend time like that with an unknown person is a bad idea for sure. It is a better idea for people who seek a one-night-stand experience. Still, if you want to build a serious relationship, then you should consider less intimate options for the first meeting. It would be great to go to the movies, buy popcorn, and discuss the plot afterward. But make sure that the film doesn’t contain any BDSM scenes or something like that. This way you will easily avoid related inconveniences and disappointment. 

  1. Meet parents

It goes without saying that acquaintance with parents is quite a natural point in any relationship if two people aim to start their own family. Still, it is not the best idea for the first date surely. You should start by learning each other better, and only then go to such a responsible step. If by accident you come across any of your relatives in a restaurant or any other dating spot that you choose,   it’s recommended to say hello, and continue your communication without any introduction. 

  1. Eat unknown food

When you first see a person, you should feel enough comfortable so that you can reveal your personality in the right way.  But can you reach this goal if you are in a restaurant with unknown food and drinks? Perhaps no. All your attention will be shifted to discovering how to eat a certain dish rather than talking about yourself or asking questions. So, whats the worst place for a first date? A cafe with new food, sex festivals, and any other types of location that do not let you feel relaxed and focused on your interlocutor. 

  1. Your favorite clubs/bars

The purpose of the first date is to spend as much time together as it is possible. Such a meeting should become a starting point for your further communication. Often, people decide whether they want to keep meeting exactly on the first date. That’s why it is not recommended to choose your favorite bars, clubs, and other suchlike spots for the first meeting. There, you can come across plenty of your friends, and comrades, thus, you will have to devote some attention to them. Moreover, they may tell too much about you to your potential partner. 

  1. A birthday party

Whether it is your birthday party or someone’s else, such an option is not good for the first date. Plenty of your friends, relatives, and comrades may be present there. Simply put, it is not the best place to learn each other well. You should be in equal conditions to get good results. If one of you has a priority, then you can hardly reach your goal. Make sure that your potential partner feels well at the spot that you choose for the first date. 

  1. The quick date at the coffee shop

Any kind of speed date and especially at the coffee shop, will not let you get to know the person well. You will hardly understand whether a man or a woman can meet your expectations when you are in the rush. That’s why you‘d better refuse meetings during lunchtime in a coffee shop between performing your duties at work. Surely, there are better alternatives to consider.

What is a Bad First Date?

Of course, the list of first date worst ideas is longer than it has been discussed above. Still, the main thing that you should understand is that no one can predict how your date will go on. You may do your best to arrange a fantastic meeting in the right place but still do not get what you expected. So, get a few options ready in case you have to change your plans quickly. Finally, remember that a bad date doesn’t mean that you two do not have a chance to build a strong connection. If you managed to light a spark, then nothing can prevent you from becoming happy together. 

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