6 Tips To Choose Migration Agents For Australian Partner Visa

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Are you aware of an Australian Partner Visa? Well, a partner visa allows you to live in Australia with your partner or a de-facto partner who is an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or an eligible New Zealand Citizen. For those who don’t know, it is a great visa for those who are looking for a great opportunity to live with their respective partners. The partner visa can be classified into 2 subclasses depending on your location- Onshore and Offshore Visas. Though this is a great visa, there can be many frauds happening on this particular visa. If you are also one of those looking to move to Australia, then you must look for a credible migration agent in Adelaide who can drive you through every little aspect of this visa. In this particular piece of writing, we shall discuss the 6 must-haves qualities that must be there in a reliable Immigration Agent Adelaide. Let us directly jump onto the criticals of selecting a migration agent. 6 Best Practices To Select a Migration Agent in Adelaide A migration agent is the one who is destined to help you through the most crucial times of your life, thus, you must be extra watchful towards hiring the best one.
  1. Stay Alert From Sale/Commission Driven AgentsWhat could be a better signal than this? Whenever a migration agent or company is trying hard to make you sign some sort of document or pressurizes you to commit to them, then it is the time to bid them farewell and look for someone more reliable and trustworthy. Unlike robbers, a good migration agent will check your circumstances first and will tell you if you’re eligible to apply for the visa or not. Besides, the migration agents must be registered with MARA(Migration Agents Regulation Authority). This would ensure that the services provided are credible & trustworthy that is also under the supervision of Australia’s government.
  1. Choose an Experienced Migration Agent It is always better to choose a migration agent who has a solid amount of time being in the profession. Since legislations and migration areas keep on changing, it’s better to have someone who has concrete experience in keeping up with the latest immigration changes, than someone who is freshly graduated still starting in the business. Look for someone who at least has 5 years of experience, they will have a better understanding of interpreting legal requirements in your favor, which will strengthen your only visa application.
  1. They Must Be MARA Registered- This is something that you cannot compromise on. The migration agent you are opting for must be MARA registered. A registered migration agent means that they are working under the authorization of the Australian government. This will in the end result in your enhanced trust in the immigration agent Adelaide. This particular aspect is something that cannot be missed at any cost. After all, this is for your only safety. Isn’t it?
  1. Make Sure That You’re Not Being Charged Too MuchThis is mostly the most confusing part while picking a migration agent for yourself. Since the fee is varied depending upon the type of visa, circumstances, and situation of the migration agents themselves. In the initial phase of your visa consultation, it is normal that you would be charged $50-$300, this fee is nominal, but if you are being charged more than this, then this must act as a red flag for you.
  1. Keep An Eye On Their Response TimesA credible & registered migration agent would know the importance of responding to their clients effectively. So, if they are taking too much time initially, it’s better to leave him/her and look for someone more trustworthy. Since the migration industry is a flexible one where changes are coming up every moment and after, it is critical to choose a migration agent who updates you as soon as possible without taking much time. You should call migration agents and talk to them regarding their responses & times before agreeing to have your visa submitted by them.
  1. Talk To People Who Have Gone Through It– It is recommended that you choose a migration agent who has already gone through the services of a migration agent who you are thinking of continuing with. Those people would be the best to guide you about the obstacles they faced being with them. This will alert you beforehand and even after, but this can in the end guide you the best about the workflow and the professional nature of the migration agent.
Also Read:- Delta airlines customer care phone number Conclusion It won’t be wrong to say that migration agents play a highly significant role in managing your visa application(be it any). They are professionals who are well-versed with the inside-outs of Australian visas. Right from consultation to visa application processing to the final stage, they can do it all for you. So, in a nutshell, it is better advised that you consult a migration agent first and then move ahead with your thought of studying and living in Australia.

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