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The Himalayas conjure up images of white, snow-capped mountains reaching for the sky, with clouds slashing through them. You are reminded of the ’s highest peaks, such as Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, as well as Nanda Devi, which can only be annexed by experienced adventurers. However, the Himalayas are large, and not all of its mountain ranges are only accessible to experts. When visiting the Himalayas, you will find a variety of treks varying from incredibly simple to moderate in difficulty that are suitable for beginners. The following are five of the finest easy Himalayan treks for novices.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga is a popular trek from Kasol in the beautiful Parvati Valley. Kheerganga is a heavenly sight, and also the trail leading up to it is decorated with breathtaking scenery. To reach Barshaini, the basecamp of the Kheerganga trek, take a bus or taxi from Kasol or Manikaran or fly directly from Bhuntar airport. It’s a simple 11-12 km uphill trek from there. It is easily covered in 5-6 hours, even with regular meal breaks, and stops in the middle at the few local coffee shops with colorful roofs that dot the path. You’ll pass through the tiny village of Natkhan, as well as a Shiva shrine at Rudranag Temple, on your way. There are also vast green meadows perched atop towering cliffs, punctuated by bubbling geysers. There is an organic hot water pool called Parvati Kund at the Kheerganga conference where travelers can refresh themselves after a long day of hiking. Set up a tent and spend the night under the stars at Kheerganga. The next day, return to Barshaini and take a bus to Kasol.

Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta pass, at 14,000 feet, is considered one of the easier hikes. On one side, the Kullu valley contains woods and grasslands, while on the other, the Lahaul landscape has little vegetation and desolate mountain peaks. Typically, the Hampta pass trip takes 4-6 days to accomplish. The breathtaking beautiful vistas, dense vegetation, and ice age steep hills will all be evident. This may not be an exciting excursion, but it will undoubtedly be remembered and will leave you in awe of its beauty. The Chandratal Lake is a high-altitude glacial body of 

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water that has become one of India’s most popular lagoons. Even though such a voyage may be completed in four days, an extra day is included for a spectacular view of this specific lake. This journey is best taken during the months of May, June, and August through September.

Prashar Lake Trek

The Prashar Lake trek uncovers the beauty of the Dhauladhar ranges in a great and interesting way, offering hikers 180-degree views of the Kinnaur and Pir Panjal mountain ranges. Prashar Lake can be reached via two routes: one by Jwalapur town and then the other via Baggi village. If you want to stick to the basics, take the Jwalapur rural pathway and enjoy appropriate sub-freezing temperatures hiking there. You can also save financial resources by using an internet trip planner to help you make the best judgment. This trek has a reasonable level of difficulty.

Triund Trek

The best method to entice on the Dhauladhar ranges is to spend the night under the stars with a cozy bonfire. The beautiful scenery that Triund has to offer is worth seeing, especially at night. Since it is home to a large Tibetan population, this one-day trek is recognized as Little Lhasa. If you’d like to go alone or with your husband or wife, it is one of the most popular trending places in India that you can reach without trying to break a sweat. This trek is simple to complete.

Kareri Lake Trek

Another two-day trail leads you to a tranquil lake away from the noise. The most unique aspect of this journey is that most people are unaware that it exists! And there will be very few hikers on the trek. The feeling of isolation is addicting, and the connection to nature is unparalleled. In addition, the lake is stunning at any moment of the year. Warm weather and rainy season months, on the other hand, provide an enthralling experience. Another fascination near the lake in Dev Bhoomi Himachal is a Lord Shiva shrine. The trek continues through dense pine forests, passing through many hamlets and colonies before crossing Kareri Nalla a few times over a wooden bridge. 

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