Diablo 2 Resurrected Bow And Arrow Amazon – Tips For Using bow and arrow For Amazon

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Bow And Arrow Amazon – Tips For Using bow and arrow For Amazon

Diablo 2 Resurrected and role in different stages of each profession leads to a lot of playing methods, such as ice mages who are suitable for starting to support their families, double hot paladins with strong comprehensive ability, frenzied barbarians who assist and output part-time, leisure pure dead spirit mages who rely solely on their younger brothers, martial assassins who test operation but brush strange without a trace Like the stock market, the crazy wolf playing with the heartbeat, and the super popular bow and arrow Amazon integrating obscenity and elegance. Of course, the playing methods of each profession are far more than these, and the most suitable playing method is determined according to the matching of D2R items​. Here is a brief introduction to the common playing methods and equipment selection of bow and arrow Amazon.

Bow and crossbow and related skill feature the introduction of “bow and crossbow” skill is to automatically split the launched arrows and attack and aim at several nearby enemies. The damage of arrows will increase with the improvement of skill level. The maximum target you can attack is 10 arrows (but each additional companion nearby will increase by 1 arrow. Companions refer to mercenaries, female martial gods, and bait, so the actual maximum is 13 arrows) And can trigger passive attributes, such as smashing blow (CB, deduct blood according to the current hit points ratio of the monster), dead strike (DS, double damage), knockback, damage deepening curse (break physical Immune), etc.

Each time you cast this skill, only one arrow is consumed, but the character cannot move at this time. If you are a player who is not skilled enough in operation, try to learn to properly control the brush monster distance. As a crispy class, it is still very dangerous to rush into the monster pile. If you choose the bow horse with the main “bow and crossbow” play method, you can see that the output skill bonus of this skill is not much (unlike several related skills that can improve the “blizzard” skill damage by ice method), so the skill points of the bow horse are relatively abundant, so the “bow and crossbow” skill must be full, and then select the passive skills to improve the physical output in turn, such as “double strike””Pierce” and “Penetrate”.

These three passive skills “pierce” need to be full and can provide a large number of physical attack hit rates (physics classes need this attribute very much. No matter how powerful your attack is, it’s useless if you can’t hit the monster! Many bow horses pursuing ultimate output in the later stage will even be equipped with a fire-enhanced mage). And “double hit” After adding 1 point, it can be increased to a high proportion by relying on its own equipment and then investing more skill points will not greatly improve the overall output. Unless there are more skill points in the later stage, it is recommended to add only 1 point in the early stage (about 15 points can be invested in the later stage).

“Penetration” The attack effect means that the attack has a chance to penetrate the monster and continue to attack the target behind, but even if there are a lot of skill points invested in this skill, it is difficult to achieve a 100% impale effect on the skill. Therefore, bow horses (standard horses) highly recommend choosing dark gold “razor tail” (also known as impaling belt, with 33% impale chance), “penetration” If you increase your skills by a little and reach level 9 (only 65% at level 8 and 69% at level 9), you can just add up to 100% of the total impale attack effect.

In addition, the “female warrior God” is recognized as a very powerful summon in Diablo 2, which can not only increase the output of “bow and crossbow” (as mentioned earlier, when there are companions nearby, increase the number of arrows) It can also be used as a solid meat shield for crispy bow horses. Of course, when the skill level is high enough, the output can not be ignored. There is no need to think about filling it up decisively. Only 1 point is added for relevant passing skills. “Female martial god” Each attribute increases with the level, and the equipment will also increase with the level. The highest level and most complete equipment types are a Golden war gun, golden triple crown, golden holy armor, golden giant god belt, golden Crusader iron gloves, and golden speed shoes.

So to sum up, “bow and crossbow” The skill bonus points of bow horse are bow and crossbow skills: icebolt 1 point, Magic Arrow 1 point, multiple arrows 1 point, guide arrow 1 point, bow and crossbow 20 points, passive and magic skills: internal vision 1 point, slow arrow 1 point, bait 1 point, female warrior 20 points, dodge 1 point, dodge 1 point, double hit 1 point, stab 20 points, penetrate 1 point, javelin and Spear Skills: 1 point stab (the Deputy spear weapon kills the boss) or it’s not slow to brush the boss with bow and crossbow skills. In this way, the Deputy can be equipped with a “call of war” to improve survivability. The redundant skill points can be invested in “double strike” and “bait”.

Analysis of attribute and equipment matching. The attribute addition of a bow can be said to be extremely monotonous. There are already “bait” and “female martial god” on it As well as mercenaries as meat shields, the bow horse itself do not need to develop too much in terms of meat. At the same time, the bow horse is a real long-range high damage physics class. As long as the brush monster is a little careful, it is difficult to get close to the monster and then rely on equipment or “combat system” skills (savage skills), the effect is to increase the maximum life, which can be given by the barbarian or the Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords of perfect topaz The bonus given by “call of war” is enough to ensure survivability.

Then the specific attribute bonus points are: power is added to be able to wear equipment, and the rest are full agility (pursue the limit bonus points of high damage, and the blood provided by equipment and small amulets in backpacks is high enough), players with poor equipment should pay more attention to their physical strength. Combined with the equipment, the HP reaches 1000, and all the remaining points are agile.

The matching of conventional equipment is as follows: Weapon: perfect Topaz “faith”, high damage and “fanaticism”, and the poor choose the dark gold “windforce” (task drilling and inlaying a number 13) Also barely able to play, super poor players can choose the dark golden bow “witchwild string” (nightmare difficulty can be dropped), inlaid with two No. 13 perfect topaz.

Clothes: perfect Topaz Runeword “Fortitude”, the necessary armor for hand-to-hand combat. If No. 28 is recommended, don’t play the bow horse for the time being (more expensive “mystery” is better) Otherwise, it’s hard to have a good experience. Super poor players can choose “treachery (assassin)” in the D2R Runeword of perfect Topaz (white 3-hole clothes, perfect Topaz sequence No. 13 + No. 10 + No. 20). Ultra-high attack speed is easier to gather the attack speed gear and indirectly improve the output.

Helmet: the best is blue 3-hole high-speed running (agility, blood absorption, and strength) The head ring is inlaid with three 15% attack speed blue perfect gems (better with enhanced damage attributes). If not, the poor can use the dark gold “andalil face” (task drilling inlaid with 15% attack speed blue perfect gem (better with enhanced damage attributes)). If the super poor really don’t have these, they can also choose the green CB head “Jiyong face” The nightmare difficulty can be brushed. Insert a blue perfect gem with 15% attack speed (better with other attributes)

Necklace: dark gold “Atma’s Scarab”, trigger the curse “damage deepening” to break the physical immune. If the attack speed gear is not enough, you can bring dark gold “army’s anger”. They are all very practical and cheap necklaces. It is not difficult to brush the

belt: dark gold “tail of razor”, 33% impale effect and level 9 “penetration” skill are superimposed to achieve 100% impale attack effect. The nightmare difficulty can be brushed to

shoes: dark gold “war traveler” (high damage) or dark gold “carnivorous shoes” (high passive trigger, but the distance effect is halved). The same nightmare difficulty can be brushed to the ring: dark gold “Raven frost” (nightmare) Match it with gold life, mana

rings (the attributes require blood-sucking, blue sucking, high hit, and better agility, damage, and resistance attributes). It’s not difficult to brush

when you go to the store for gambling Gloves: Orange handmade gloves. The attributes are required to be 20% attack speed, knockback, + 2 passive, and magic skills. It’s better to have blue absorption and agility attributes. It’s ok if there is no suitable placement with green palm


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