Fashion clothing industry: Winter Trends

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The unexpected drop in temperature indicates that winter is coming, and the clothes and decorations in the window should also be changed.

On the other side of the ocean, the year-end festival carnival for overseas consumers is also coming. Adhering to the principle of “demeanor and temperature”, people always like to add hats, scarves, gloves, wigs, and other accessories to basic clothing to increase the overall temperature while increasing beauty. Especially with the advent of Christmas, the following products are still hot.


Hats, scarves, and gloves are indispensable “three-piece warmth” in winter. They are also one of the three product lines of FondMart fashion clothing industry. The sales accounted for more than 30% of the industry, and they showed obvious seasonal characteristics.

According to FondMart’s boutique clothing trend, from the perspective of monthly sales, the product line of hats, scarves, and gloves will enter the peak season in September, gradually starting volume, reaching the peak of sales in October-November, and continuing until January of the following year. moon.


According to the proportion of GMV in the order range, orders under US$300 account for the main part, up to 80%, but there are also orders over US$1,000, especially Ball Caps and Beanies in the hat category, which are large amounts of US$1000-5000. There are more wholesale orders. The sales destination countries are mainly concentrated in the United States, followed by Europe.


2021 enters the autumn and winter season, and the peak season for these products is approaching.



Hats mainly include beanies, fedora hats, fisherman hats, berets, ball caps, and peaked caps. Autumn and winter beanies will bring in a surge of sales peaks, in addition to the world’s best-selling ball caps. In the 2021 fire, sellers should concentrate on fisherman hats, particularly nylon and PU materials. In the fall and winter, they might boost their stock of fisherman hats made of imitation wool, wool, and knitted materials.



According to the hot-selling categories in previous years and the trend forecast for this year, the sales prospects of scarves such as narrow silk scarves, square scarves, oversize, shawls, down scarves, wool, and cashmere scarves, and printed scarves are promising. For example, a feather-filled scarf, many brands on the market have launched such new products, which is expected to become a hot style.



Consumers will choose the material of the gloves according to different scenarios, such as sports half-finger gloves, pure warm wool gloves, and long gloves for clothing. But the main popular elements are still gloves made of leather, PU, and wool.

Hats, scarves, and gloves in a three-piece set


Combination packages are more likely to attract consumers’ attention during the promotion period. The platform revealed that the popular elements of this year’s “three-piece heating suit” may focus on solid colors, wool, thick knitting, and Christmas themes. Generally, there will be a small peak of orders in October.


According to relevant national customs statistics, in recent years, my country’s total export of hair products has been maintained at a high level of more than 3 billion US dollars. North America and Africa are still the top two export destinations of my country’s wig products, accounting for about 75% of my country’s total export of hair products. North America accounts for about 38%, and Africa accounts for about 37%.


On the platform, the key product lines of wigs are mainly distributed in hair extensions, hairdressing tools, and hair covers; the faster-growing product lines are mainly hairdressing tools, chemical fiber extensions, top piece hair and men’s and children’s hair covers, among which hairdressing tools Mainly. Consumer groups are mainly concentrated in the United States, Britain, France, and Italy. Consumers purchase online roughly 2-4 times every month on average. Price, delivery speed, and product evaluation are the main factors affecting consumer purchases. As shown below:


What are the important sub-categories among these items, and how should sellers focus on the layout as the year-end peak season approaches?

Hair products


Key directions for hair extensions: hair weaves, hair weaving accessories combination, headpiece hair, chemical fiber hair extensions, hair handles, ponytails, etc. The combination of hair curtains and hair curtain accessories are mainly black products, and the price is about 20-50 US dollars.


Key directions of hair sets: lace hair sets, chemical fiber hair sets, human hair is woven hair sets, short and medium-length hair sets, etc. Lace hair sets are popular in short and medium-length styles, and lace has traditionally been utilized; chemical fiber hair sets, on the other hand, emphasize trendy design, unique designs, and good wearing effects.

Hairdressing tools


The countries selling hairdressing tools are mainly distributed in the United States, Britain, Italy, and France, of which the United States accounts for nearly half. Functional design, easy operation, safety (anti-scalding, automatic power-off), portability, etc. are important dimensions for consumers to choose from.


Key directions of hairdressing tools: hair straighteners, hairdryers, curling irons, hair styling combs, haircut styling tools, multifunctional all-in-one styling tools, hairdressing toolsets, etc.

Hair accessories


The TOP-countries in hair accessories are mainly the United States, accounting for 80%. It is recommended that sellers publish combined purchase products or small wholesale products, focusing on product styles and designs.


Key directions for hair accessories: hairpins, hairpins, hairbands, hairbands, clip clips, new and peculiar hair accessories, etc.


How to win the traffic of these two winter hottest models? Li Yumeng, the traffic growth team of, said that it can start from the following three aspects:


  1. Begin with product optimization: Using wigs as an example, merchants can begin by optimizing the following aspects:


Do not utilize overlapping product words or synonyms in the title; instead, place the most important phrases first.


Pictures: According to the picture upload guidance, publish 8 product images that intuitively reflect the product’s selling points, functions, effects, and so on.


Short description: highlight the product’s features and selling aspects;


Separation of visuals and text, product selling points, and consumer problems are all displayed plainly in the form of graphics and text; avoid using professional words.


Short video: a one-minute video of the top-selling product; the material is best with subtitles; the content should not appear in Chinese; display product use scenes, product selling points, and product use operations in that order.

If it is a store drainage model: low price, low MOQ, beautiful and high-quality main picture, preferably with video, preferably with picture review, accurate and appropriate keywords (do not pile up irrelevant keywords, so as not to reduce search relevance and affect conversion) ;


If it’s a store drainage model: low price, low MOQ, gorgeous and high-quality main image, preferably with video, preferably with picture review, accurate and appropriate keywords (don’t add on irrelevant keywords to diminish search relevance and affect conversion)


If it’s a new product, add new products on a regular basis to keep the upload speed up; minimize follow-up sales to show differentiation;

Marketing introductions: inside and outside the substation


On-site: Using channels like the newcomer zone, low-price drainage, group joining, and platform promotion, sellers can increase early-stage traffic (Seller Coupon).


Off-site: In addition to Facebook, Google Shopping, and partner CPS, retailers may use online celebrity marketing to increase attention. Screen celebrities who match the features of their products for collaboration, according to various social media outlets.

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