Kuari Pass Trek – Lord Curzon Trail

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From Joshimath, the focus for hikers and pilgrims is the tour to Kuari Pass. The Winter Kuari Pass Trek allows you to see the beautiful skyline of the mountains in the nearby area.

You may find the tracks of the uncommon Himalayan Bear or Leopard in some instances. The nicest thing about this Kuari Pass, which consists of large green fields with Himalayan Sight is that you may camp amid beautiful green wetlands.

One of the greatest hikes in Uttaranchal is a Kuari Pass, meaning the gateway. This hiking route was found by Lord Curzon in 1905 and is known as the Curzon Trail. The panoramic view from the eastern slopes of the magnificent peaks of Kuari Pass Trek includes the Garhwal Himalayas, Neelkanth, and other peaks. Mana, Hathi Ghori Parvat, Bertholi, Trishul, Dronagiri, Kamet, and Nanda Devi are among the characters.

The walk includes lush forests of deodars, okay, and rhododendrons that give a lovely vista. On this route, you can see rare and protected flora and animals. The tour travels via main waterways such as Mandakini, Kaliganga and Dhauli Ganga. In summer, the perfect moment to visit.

Best Season: December – January
Duration: 6-8 Days
Max. Elevation: 4,264 m

> Take on the beautiful scenery of India’s second-largest peak – the Nanda Devi. Through the trail, you can simply look into the spectacular views toward the rivers Bhagi and Alaknanda in their splendor.”

‘> The Kuari pass passes through a thick alpine forest of oaks.

> The trail has been crossed by an altitude of 12,516 ft, with views of the mighty Droonagiri, Tali Top, and Chitrakantha.

Kuari Pass is a 4-day walk in the first place (6 days when you include the travel days from Rishikesh). The tour starts in the Garhwal area of Uttarakhand, at Tapoban, a tiny village close to Joshimath. Located in the National Park of Nanda Devi.

The Kuari Pass is an easy-to-moderate journey that makes it simple to leave in the Himalayas.

What I appreciate about the Kuari Pass is that this is a beautiful vista. It gives simple to access. From Auli to Gorson Bugyal you view Mt. Nanda Devi. The view vanishes after crossing the Gorson Bugyal.

You see other great mountains, such as Drona Giri mountains, not simply Nanda Devi. Dronagiri and Nanda Devi are, in reality, standing next to one other. All you see are pretty near Neelkanth, Chaukhamba, Hathi Ghoda.

The second reason I appreciate this walk is the beautiful oak trees of Kuari Pass. The woods of Uttarakhand are characteristic but can only be found on select hikes such as Roopkund, Brahmatal, and Dayara Bugyal.

I prefer the greatest oak woodland in Kuari Pass in comparison to the others. Just because oak woods are so wonderfully situated on this journey. The oak woodlands originate from an area not too steep to ascend. You’ve got an easy trek over the oak wood.

The oak woodlands may be seen in winter magically. In snowfall, our imagination usually evokes thoughts of the pine forest. But here’s a different experience.

As the snow falls in the oak woodlands, the bows are almost like forming on the trees. It now feels as though just the red balls are needed to finish the appearance.

The Gorson Bugyal is the next major reason to go on a Kuari Pass. The Gorson Bugyal extends in front of you once you reach the tree line. It isn’t Ali Bugyal’s like that. But when you’re returned from the journey, this buggy stays in your memory.

What’s nice is the incredibly lovely meadows of the Kuari Pass every season. It’s beautiful green if you go early fall. It’s golden in late fall and also quite lovely. And winter has a strong, white environment.

The meadows and the vistas of the mountains are quite attractive in any environment.

Besides the appearance, the Kuari Pass Trek features beautiful scenery with fused oak woods into wetlands. It’s gradual here, in contrast to the steep forest parts of the Roopkund and Brahmatal trip. Thus, it’s as if you might enjoy the beauty on a flat oak walk. And it’s not too long for this portion. You came across it for around one and a half on days 3 and four of the journey.

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