Narcissist Couples: Do They Have a Chance to Be Happy?

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Did you know that the number of people who love themselves a lot, is incredibly large? They are called narcissists, and you can easily recognize them in the crowd. But what if one narcissist meets another one? It will be difficult to believe in love between two narcissists. Still, it really exists. People, who seem not to be able to love somebody else, how can they feel special about others? Perhaps you will be impressed but such kind of affection is widespread these days. You can see narcissist couples at once. Such people come into restaurants, look in mirrors, and do not notice anybody else.  And this is not everything that is known about egoists. So, let’s find out more about narcissist couples.

What are Narcissist Couples?

Once you decide to get back into dating, you should be ready to meet different people. Egoists are among them. A narcissist couple is a union of people where one or both are egoists. The latter case is rare as narcissists usually look for a caring person, so starting a relationship with the same individual is something extraordinary. Instead of building a connection on equal rights, they want to come across a person who will devote all their time to them, will meet all their needs, etc. Experts explain it with these two reasons:

  1. We choose people who resemble us. Simply put we are looking for a person who has the same qualities as you have. Narcissists say that they are the best and they deserve the best. That’s why they are starting a relationship with another narcissist. 
  2. Narcissists like to attract attention.  They feel great when other people look at them. That’s why egoists choose partners like they are. They are sure that such a super couple will attract even more attention.

How Do Narcissist Couples Build Relationship?

A  love story of narcissist couples starts romantically. In a few first weeks or even months, people imagine how great they will live, what nice union they have, etc. They keep showing amazing gestures to prove their feelings. Often, they do it to impress relatives, friends, and other people around.  It seems you see a perfect couple in front of you – both partners are happy, successful, and totally in love with each other. One more thing that should be mentioned is regular posting on social media. You will be impressed with the number of happy photos, funny stories, and inspiring posts. The lover will even share tips on how to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend with ease. 

The next stage of such a relationship is a phase of reality. All of sudden, one of the partners loses interest and gets bored. Right now, you can hear different phrases like “I have done everything for him/her”, “My partner stopped to appreciate me”, etc. All in all, this stage is characterized by the following features:

  • Partners start to compete with each other trying to show their own significance, power, and advantage;
  • Blackmails becomes the only way to receive the desired, and get things done as they want;
  • They stop showing empathy and care toward each other;
  • Narcissist couples aim to gain power and be dominant. As a result, you have regular fights.

What is the End for Narcissist Couples?

Egoists own really bad chances for having green flags in a relationship, unfortunately. Of course, they may take narcissist couples therapy. Still, earlier or later, people decide to break. Even if narcissists get married, they will have difficult relationships. There are only a few cases when covert narcissist couples therapy could help. An unhappy marriage and incredible disappointment are the only things that they can get in the long run.

Relationship of Narcissist Couples Vs Normal Couples

You will be greatly impressed to know what a big difference lies between the connections between narcissists and normal couples. Yes, the affection between egoists may be powerful, and fantastic. They usually spend most of their time together and let others know what a deep connection they have. But, it will never last for a long time. Sooner or later, this myth of a perfect couple will melt. Unlike narcissist couples, the rest of the people may need some time to recognize their own feelings and confess them in front of the public. But eventually, they are able to build serious relationships that last for many happy years. 

Final Thoughts

Probably, dating and relationships of narcissist couples are one of the most challenging romantic experiences that may exist. People who love themselves so much hardly can fall in love with someone else. Even if they do, these feelings will pass quickly. Such love can’t be lasting or strong. If you do not want to devote your life to constant fighting, then it is better to avoid starting narcissist couples at all. 

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