New World Beginner Guide – How To Start Your Life In New World

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New World Beginner Guide

New World talks about building a lush and strange continent, in which there are dangerous enemies, glory, and treasures waiting for players to explore and conquer. From every point of view, this is a modern MMORPG – a beautiful picture, especially stable on sale, and excellent dubbing.

In addition, the game also provides network services for players to communicate in real time. More and more people lined up on the server, and players wanted to enter the same server with their friends. This is the New World beginner guide, that shares everything you should know about the game. If you want to buy cheap New World gold online to start your life in the game, is always the safest online store.

New World is like the first MMO with the out reference to the core functions of the World of Warcraft. It focuses not on players killing giants, but on things that are satisfied with the game itself. Early in the game, the development team caught the best part of opening a new adventure. After some hard work, I stood firm and looked at the horizon of the outside world, which was waiting for me to explore.

Most parts of the New World are polished in place. At first, I was a shipwrecked sailor on the Aeternum coast, a mysterious island full of wealth and curses. My captain was swallowed up by the dark and churning fog on the island. The former crew has now been corrupted and turned into a monster. In order to reach the safe stronghold, I can only fight them all the way to the end. No one will die on Aeternum, so all the survivors decided to go all out to build a new civilization on the island.

It feels good to fight and upgrade. Although New World throws me a lot of options, it won’t be overwhelming. With the passage of time, the former sailors became mercenaries and predators running around. I chose to specialize in ax and sword shields. In addition, I can switch weapons at any time. Tired of being a tank? Players can also be equipped with life wands or ice gloves to become mages. The scene of the game was beautifully designed. I walked through the lush wilderness and went deep into the haunting cave to hunt terrible monsters.

It seems a little unkind to complain about other parts of the game. After all, the production cost of the game is very high, and this ubiquitous polishing can be felt from textures, logs, and monster models. However, the part of creating characters is extremely boring. A very hot bad comment on Steam has only a few simple words “No cat girl”.

In fact, the player character of MMO is like a lens. We feel the world from this perspective. However, I haven’t seen many changes in the character image in New World. There are no elves, bunnies, or Star Wars talkers in the game. Only many humans, some with cool hats or scars, run around in all kinds of armor. Some have names, such as Gideon Greyhawk or John Holland; Others bear random names such as swaglord420.

How To Start Your Life In New World

These stupid names affect my immersion, and aeternum island itself is difficult to associate with these things. According to my personal experience, Amazon seems to have made some cuts in the settings to avoid disputes caused by early colonialism.

Therefore, when I arrived at the first stronghold, I found that the leaders here were a group of kind women and people of color. They need me to kill monsters and crazy beasts. These are reasonable behaviors on the magic island. At first glance, this game will not cause any controversy, but in the end, it is still a game about exploration and colonization, which makes people feel particularly disconnected, even to the point of ignorance.

On the other hand, the factional camp system of the game is one of the most striking features. These include the cunning scholar syndicate, the zealous covenant, and the cruel and belligerent marauders. These camps are not permanent choices. You can change your camp, but it will take 120 days.

If you join an organization established by players, which is similar to other MMO guilds, both sides need to be in the same camp. In short, even if I’m not very interested in fighting supernatural creatures, whether they are my fallen companions or twisted monsters emerging from the fog, at least I have other options to enjoy defeating other players or occupying towns.

Players can also compete for strongholds in the world; Different factions can also compete for their control in the war. These are 50 vs 50 PVP battles. If one camp captures a stronghold, it can control the local tax rate and gain effect. Players can choose to join or exit PVP mode, so they will not be attacked immediately when they leave the stronghold.

These systems worked well and the game experience was satisfactory, such as polished 3A survival games such as Exile Conan and Ark: survival evolution. Whether it’s attacking a syndicate player who is unfortunately left alone, or seeing a team of covenants with rifles appear on the horizon and run away, the system leaves enough space for duels and seesaw battles between players.

The success or failure of New World will depend on the social scenes formed by players around the game, which are the main driving force of early playing methods. Players pour into the discord channel to coordinate which server they want to enter and which faction they want to join. We ignore the factional camp settings provided by the game and create new settings by ourselves to choose who will become a glorious winner or a loser with undiminished achievements and earn New World coins​.

Some players even made online real estate companies for the game. Immersion is not the focus of the game; This is a social platform that only MMO can provide. There are a few games like New World.

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