The Nutritional Diet Factors You Need to Know as a Dog Parent!

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The Nutritional Diet Factors You Need to Know as a Dog Parent!

Dietary rituals must be the most prominent factor to take care of when it comes to your pet! Study and make efforts to understand their growth cycle as it helps you know how much food they need along the way. Also be sure to assess the size of your puppy regularly, with and without your vet. Puppies grow in different ways at various stages, and you want to ensure yours is developing well.

Every breed is unique in its growth trajectory. When the puppies are small, they grow the most. After that, they only spend about 5-10% of their life developing further. Small breeds reach maturity in about six months, whereas big and giant breeds take about a year. The first 50% of their growth is the critical period.

Their internal organs and tissues keep developing. The brain, immune and digestive systems develop at this stage. Nutrition has to be intact at this phase. If you make errors here, it becomes difficult to catch up later when they reach their maturity. Dog Insurance NZ acts as a safety net, helping to cover the expenses of diagnostics, treatments, and drugs used to treat your dog’s qualifying injuries and illnesses. However, getting your pup’s diet right in the beginning is just as important.


The second phase is when the puppy starts putting on weight. Their bones begin to strengthen, and muscles are built. The nutrition has to be balanced so that they have sufficient protein to support the growth.

The last stage is where the dog learns a lot. In this stage, the brain is very active. It is greatly exposed to all kinds of external environments. The central part of a puppy’s growth is done by the time he reaches this stage.


The majority of dog breeds need the same types of nutrition. They can cope well with the same recipes. In the case of puppies, you need to take extra care of their nutritional intake. Dog Insurance NZ is another safety net for your canine companion’s pet health – insurance coverage is almost as important to a long and healthy life as getting diet, exercise, shelter and care right.


Once we start offering diverse food as puppies age, the gastrointestinal system of the dog is put under some strain. Here are some things to remember:

  • If you continuously alter the dog’s diet, he may develop a fussy eating problem.
  • When you give the food to your dog, they should be ready to eat. You don’t have to keep the food on hand all the time.
  • Dogs are opportunistic eaters who eat anything they can get their hands on so don’t overfill the bowl.
  • If you give a puppy human baby formula, it might cause a lot of difficulties. This is because a puppy’s dietary needs differ vastly from those of a newborn human baby.
  • A total of 42 essential elements are required in the diet of all dogs. Some of these dogs can retain food in their bodies and may not need it regularly. Providing these nutrients in the proper amounts is what optimal nutrition entails.


If your dog falls ill, pet insurance NZ should be able to help you cover the costs of emergency treatment if the condition didn’t exist before you took out your insurance. You may also get coverage for routine pet medical care, such as vaccinations and vet check-ups.

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