Pizza Is the Ultimate Picnic Food This Spring

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Pizza Is the Ultimate Picnic Food This Spring

The spring is the best time of year for picnics. The weather is warmer but not too hot, and the open air is refreshing after months of being cooped up for the winter. The one thing that is wonderful about picnics is taking food outdoors, but why stick to the same boring picnic food. Be adventurous with your food selection this spring. Instead of choosing sandwiches, choose pizza with a variety of Papa Johns toppings.

Pizza might not seem like the obvious food choice for an outdoor lunch, but it really is the most versatile meal. If you only take a few minutes to consider the advantages of pizza, you will quickly come to the same conclusion.

A Different Kind of Pizza for Everyone

When you plan a picnic, you will ultimately choose a food or sandwich selection that does not meet everyone’s needs or wants. You will not have the same problem with pizza. Most people love pizza, and for those who do not like the standard meat, cheese, and pizza sauce combination, Papa Johns offers various options, including garden and BBQ chicken. Additionally, stop looking for stuffed crust near me because Papa has that too.

Finally, if you have a person coming to your picnic who does not like or want pizza, Papa Johns has other options, including Papadias, salads, and more. You can find something for everyone at Papa Johns.

Get It Delivered Anywhere

Depending on the size of your picnic party, it can be a chore carrying your meal to the park. Plus, when you bring food to the park, you are on a time limit. Everyone must dig in as soon as possible. Pizza eliminates the chore and the time limit.

People often assume that a pizza delivery near me means a house address. Papa Johns will bring your pizza to you, even if you are at the park. As long as you provide adequate directions and give the driver a way to spot you, you can get your pizza.

The best part of getting a pizza delivered is you can order whenever you are ready to eat. All you need to do is call with a delivery window.

The Perfect Hand Food

Pizza is a perfect picnic food because it is also a perfect hand food. The crust acts as a plate for the sauce and the toppings. The crust rim is an ideal handgrip. The best part is the entire thing is edible. Therefore, you are cutting down on garbage and dishes. You do not need plates and silverware for pizza. All you need is the box it was delivered in and your hands.

Having pizza at your picnic means people can take their food all around. They can socialize, play games, and more while eating. There is no reason the fun of your gathering must stop so everyone can eat. Pizza is versatile.

Are you planning for your next picnic in the park? Forget about the meal prep. Contact your local Papa Johns and order delivery.

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