Portrait Of A Man: Tips For Phase-Drawing

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Portrait Of A Man: Tips For Phase-Drawing

Portrait of a man picture or of a human face, unique features. Now it is an example of the most popular kinds of drawing ideas and painting. By following a few essential rules, anyone can create a true masterpiece. This article will discuss how to draw a picture of a person.

Portrait Of A Man

The choice of materials and techniques to perform the portrait varied. It can be a painting and graphics. Drawing can perform careless strokes of paint or oil, soft appliances (coal, glow, sepia), light watercolor pencil or pen. Inexperienced artists recommend starting with pencils of different softness: this work can permanently correct using an eraser. However, trying other techniques – the best way to find your style.


Any pattern begins by making compositions. Proper face construction – the key to a competent portrait of a man that is pleasing to the eye and soul. As a woman, a man’s image can present in different ways. Lines can be smooth and rounded, smooth all facial imperfections. Or, you can draw them sharply and angularly, highlighting specific characteristics of a person.


Portrait Of A Man

It needs to determine from what point you are looking at someone. This is called “the angle.” The lightest starting point for beginners – profile and full face. For those who are not afraid of difficulty, you can try to portray the image of a person, which is located half-turned towards the viewer-when visible three-quarters of the faces. This solution seems to be more attractive, too. Reveals both sides of the face in different ways, but this work requires a knowledgeable perspective. It lies in the fact that things are closer than those far from the artist.

To draw a part of the face in the right proportion of each, artists must constantly analyze the process by asking themselves questions and finding answers.


Once the angle is defined, it is easy to mark the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and hair. Don’t try to paint all at once. Rather perform some lines showing the location of the sections of the face. The next stage – reconciliation in front of this person. It is significant for its size, the ratio of the nose and the eyes, mouth, cheeks, and t. D.

Then you can start to draw the details. Try to put facial features on paper gradually. Otherwise, it will lose the integrity of the pictures.

Eyes should pay particular attention. Their expressions create the atmosphere of the whole portrait of a man. Sadness, joy, or thoughtfulness – all of these can represent in human eyes. However, do not engage in too detailed cool drawings if you do not believe they are ready to work as enthusiastically with the hair and the rest of the face. Other subtle details, such as light curved lip lines, focus on a raised eyebrow or tousled hair. The figure will only boost the mood and give it realism.


Portrait Of A Man

If your goal – to draw a picture of a person as much as possible, like a natural person, be sure to pay attention to the shadows and the allocation of highlights on the face. Suitable for soft pencil shadows for spare parts – hard.

To not overdo it, be sure to decide for yourself what will be the darkest in the portrait of a man, and that – a bright, bright.

Working through the other parts of the face, note the two extremes, and compare them determines how dark or light will separate. It is not recommend to do nostrils of black people.

The situation is more difficult in the light of the part of the face. Highlight the most striking points, and the rest is easy to shade solid pencil. It does not add any naturalness or specificity to the drawing. Emphasis is making on the nose’s shadow, eyebrows, and facial lines: the chin, cheeks, etc.

You can learn how to draw a pencil portrait of a man(male) on stage by following these tips.

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