Top 10 Adventurous Destinations in India

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India is standing first and best for providing the best adventurous destinations all around. Of late, youth are enthusiastic to taste the thrill and craze of Adventures. Adventure means a lot to a skilful or learners. Adventurous activities are needed by the youth especially and who want to taste the newer experiences in their lives  Here are the list of 10 adventurous destinations in India to make your choosing time less!

Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand

Roopkund trek is one of the best recommendable destination spots among everything for your precious vacation trips in India with mesmerising unique things. It is the perfect choice for those who want to plan an adventurous, thrilling destination tour plan for your weekends and vacations. This trek is nestled with lots of human skeletons and bones all around everywhere. Simply,it seems like to be a horrific glacial lake, especially everything conveyed above is revealed at the end of the lake. You will surely like the feeling of walking over dead ones. However this place is so popular for its countless thrilling and adventurous activities held over there.

Scuba Diving, Andaman

Andaman is an uniquely featured adventurous destination place in India. It provides the best experienced drives under the water and enjoy the glow of blue water and beauty of sea water and oceans under them with scuba diving. Various Sea animals like sharks, octopus and coral reefs, several fishes will be available for glance. Andaman Islands are the most susceptible adventurous destination spot in India. 

Leh Ladakh Bike Tour

Leh Ladakh is the best suggestable adventurous destination spot in India. If you really dream of having a trip over the countryside, then you must be ready with your motorcycle bike trip from Manali to Leh Ladakh. The scenery seems to be perfect picturesque beauties and heartwarming views are offered. Uncountable unique featured landscapes and stunning natural beauties are offered with this place. You will surely feel regret if you miss the chance to visit. You’ll be walking through the chilly spine plantations. One of the best places among highly susceptible adventurous destinations, and every adventurous dreamer must visit Leh Ladakh once in their lifetime. 

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers trek is found at Uttarakhand. It is maintained by the state government as it is one of the heritage sites of UNESCO simply a World’s heritage site. The entire trek is nestled with colourful flowers that mesmerises your heart which flutters with unbounding happiness. Countless picturesque beauties are offered here. The difficulty level rate is sounding as easy to moderate so, beginners can enjoy it without worries about trekking difficulties. 

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Parasailing, Kerala

As  humans we always wish to do something in a great way. And wander for finding enthusiasm. To add wings to your dreams, parasailing is one the suggestable adventurous activity in Kerala. The thrill of having an aerial view of everything in the world is really adventurous and enthusiastic. So, just plan your thoughts to make them come true and satisfied. Also parasailing is from Uttarakhand and Himachal is also best recommendable.

Flyboarding, Goa

Goa is standing for thrilling and adventurous activities, simply a best destination spot. Goa is offering many as enthusiastic as you wish about adventurous and thrilling,crazy activities to make your trip more memorable. We all know, Flyboarding is an internationally launched adventurous sport in India. Goa has bagged the fame of offering it and introduced it to you all. You can repeat many of these adventurous activities upto you feel fulfilled. No breaks for your upcoming trips if it is Flyboarding. Having fun over the waves of the beach water is still funny right!? So, let’s plan to ahead for the trip.

Skydiving, Mysore

Of course,over your entire life you will definitely get a feel at least once to fly like a bird right!? Then the activity you are going to enjoy exactly as you wish is named as skydiving is best suggestable. You can feel free and enjoy the views from the height of the sky with this crazy, thrilling experience. Mysore is the standing first to provide this adventurous activity spot to make your dream of flying like a bird come true. A beautiful pleasant sky welcoming you to offer ever stunning views and  attractions from the sky.

Rock Climbing, Satpura Mountain Ranges

You must be dream about climbing a hard rock mountain ever once in your lifetime,then this is your choice to have this experience. A hard mountain called Saptura ushers you to climb over it. Most of the people may be interested in it. Of course you are guaranteed to enjoy delightful moments there. Rock climbing is also standing as the best adventurous activity in India. 

Bungee Jumping, Rishikesh

Bungee jumping is a well known adventurous thrilling activity in India. Adventure dreamers who are planning to place the trip of Bungee jumping can get the benefits of their craziness, such as beautiful views and weightlessness. Bungee Bungee jumping is a perfect choice to call a day out with your family and friends. You can jump over the boundless Ganga river water and enjoy the killing views of surroundings.  

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is the best adventurous trek activity standing first to reach your attraction. Everything is available there around the trekking surroundings. Such as accommodation facilities, base camp, food facilities etc. The snow shielded mountain ranges welcome you to make you stuck into a white desert like place. You can enjoy the heartwarming views,picture perfect scenic beauties and healthy forest with fine plantations. At the summit, Kedarkantha trek is waiting for you to offer eye glowable views of surrounding treks and Himalayan ranges.

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