How To Transfer FIFA Points from FIFA21 to FIFA 22?

One of the questions that is often asked, especially by those who found themselves playing FIFA Ultimate Team for the first time this year, is the one related to the transfer of FIFA22 coins, cards, and points and other FUT items from one versionto another, for example from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22.

As many will know in reality only some of these things can be preserved even in the new version of the game while for all the rest you will start practically from scratch.

We have therefore decided in this guide to make a summary of all the stuff of FUT 21 that can be transferred to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and those that will be lost.


Items that CAN be transferred from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22

FIFA Points

FIFA Points, i.e. FUT virtual currency that can be purchased with real money, unlike what happens with FIFA coins, can be transferred from one version to another and this possibility will be offered again this year with FIFA 22.

It is important to underline that this is an operation that can be performed only once, only and exclusively at the first access on the game (not on the app therefore). Some buy FIFA Points a few weeks before the release of the new version in such a way that they can then immediately make the transfer at the start of the 10-hour trial on EA Play, also because during the period of early access from the web app can not yet be purchased new FIFA Points.

EA Sports has confirmed, both on the official website and through a community manager, the possibility of transferring FIFA Points from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22.

How to transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22?

Log in to FIFA 21 from your console or PC (not the Web App) to transfer your FIFA Points, then you will also find them on your Web App and/or Companion App applications.

When can you transfer Points from FUT 21 to FUT 22?This operation may be carried out, for a single time, until 31 December 2021

The first time you launch FUT on FIFA 22, you’ll see a popup that gives you the option to transfer your FIFA Points. Important to note the following limitations:

  • You will only be able to transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22 on the same console.For example, you can transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22 on Xbox, but you won’t be able to transfer your FIFA POINTS from FIFA 21 on Xbox to FIFA 22 on Playstation
  • The transfer is irreversible. You will not be able to transfer FIFA Points back to FIFA 21 once they have been transferred to FIFA 22. This will also apply if you make the transfer during the trial with EA Play. If you play FIFA 22 on EA Play and transfer your FIFA Points without purchasing the full game, you will not be able to transfer your FIFA Points back to FIFA 21.


Date of Foundation

Of course, among the elements that are preserved from one version of FIFA to another there is the year of foundation of the club, which will make happy especially the FUT founders or those who for the first time, about 11 years ago, decided to buy the special additional DLC with which EA Sports started the history of FIFA Ultimate Team.


Club Name

When you first start FIFA 22 you will be asked whether or not you want to keep the name of your club. If you answer affirmatively later you can change the name, only once, through a special objective.


Items that can NOT be transferred from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22

FIFA Coins

Without a doubt, this is the most popular question that many have asked us!

How do I transfer FUT coins from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22?

The answer will not please many of you, but unfortunately it is not possible to use in FIFA 22 all the credits accumulated in the previous version. Any tool, site or other tool that offers you the possibility to transfer credits from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22 does not comply with electronic Arts’ usage rules and therefore, your account is in serious danger of being banned.


Players and Other Cards

You have done so much to create a fantastic team in FUT 21, with lots of TOTS and other amazing and expensive cards. Unfortunately at the end of September, when you decide to switch to FIFA 22, you will have to say goodbye (or maybe goodbye since, if you want, you can occasionally play a game on FIFA 21) to your players.

Of course this does not apply only to the players but to all the other cards, from those of the coaches and other staff members, to consumables, uniforms and other items.


Historical Results and Division achieved

With FIFA 22 the historical results, with the number of wins, draws and defeats, obtained in FIFA 21 will start from scratch.

The same goes for the division reached both online and offline, where you will restart as, every year, from the last one available


Xbox Achievements and PSN Trophies

FIFA 22 will be a completely new game and therefore it is no wonder that with it will come completely new achievements (on Xbox Live) and trophies (on Playstation Network).

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