Best Necromancer Melee Build In Diablo2 Resurrected

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Best Necromancer Melee Build In Diablo2 Resurrected

In Diablo 2, the Necromancer is the strongest melee build available. The following are the weapon options for the Necromancer.

Strongest Melee Build For A Necromancer

The weapon of choice was the rune word Brand, which was fired from a demon crossbow. Because ranged weapons function as melee weapons when a bear assumes the shape of a bear, we want the demon crossbow expressly for the attack speed frames that it provides. This D2R rune word is extraordinarily fast and extremely beneficial to the naked form, and we want it since it has a 100 percent chance of casting level 18 bone spear when it strikes.

Now, this is insane because we’re attacking so quickly that we’re simply launching all of these bone spears at the same time. And because we are the Necromancer, we can optimize the synergy behind bone spear, which will result in an increase in the number of bone spears that we unleash when we hit our target.


The Remainder of the Construction

Guillaume’s Face: We obtain a 15 percent improvement in attack speed, which is critical in order to reach the 80 percent increase in attack speed goal. This also comes with some fantastic features, such as speedier hit recovery and a lethal blow.

Treachery: In addition to the 45 percent increase in attack speed, treachery provides venom, cold resistance, hit recovery, and fade. Fade is quite useful because it provides you with dr and res. Because some people want to proc their fade before entering battle.

The Soul Touch Vampirebone Gloves are the last item that increases attack speed. These are godlike and utterly flawless; these gloves can be changed with any other sort of improved attack speed; gloves such as the hands of Brock are probably a decent substitute; nonetheless, these are fantastic because they also come with crushing blow.


Crushing blow is extremely effective simply because of the amount of damage it deals; it is one of the reasons why melee builds are so effective. We don’t want to miss out on that opportunity, so we try to increase our chances of landing a crushing hit by wearing gloves and a helmet. We also had some lives taken from us, which is quite pleasant.

War Boots for Gore Riders: We also use gore riders to try to land a more crushing blow. This is also the only way we have to deal with open wounds. As a result, these boots are very vital.

Angelic Halo Ring: We’re using angelic halo rings for our amulets because it provides so much attack rating.

A string of ears for the doctor, and his life has been robbed. In the inventory, we have a slew of runwalk, resist, and fhr items, with the run walk serving as a significant boost to the attack rating.


Mercenary Equipment for the Necromancer Bear Build

This provides you with the fanaticism aura, which aids with increasing your attack speed, which is essential for this build. Consequently, we can achieve the five attacks per second mark, and the good news is that this build is capable of killing objects at such a rapid pace that you can keep your merc alive while simultaneously keeping the AI behind the bowmerc alive.


Statistics based on the configuration

This might appear to be all over the place, but that’s because we have the necessary strength to wield our gear. Another thing you might notice is that we deal a significant amount of attack damage and physical damage, which is extremely beneficial for staying alive because our D2R gear cheap deals life stolen per hit. We also have a high degree of dexterity, which will aid us in dealing with the problem of attack rating. The remainder is allocated to vitality, and the primary reason for our decreased vitality is that we have a bear build.


Post-Setup Statistics

So here we are, with our fade and with our air of fanaticism on our shoulders. Our ar and res have increased significantly, but we’re not finished yet; we still need to transform into a bear. Whenever we transform into bears, we like to call battle orders, summon golems, buff him occasionally, dump these because we’ll pick them up shortly, and cast demon limb. We also cast enchant on ourselves because it significantly increases our attack rating. Then we transform into bears and pick up these cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected items, and we’re ready to leave.



It is critical to max out teeth, bone wall, bone jail, and bone spirits in order to optimize the synergy behind the brand bone spear and cause the most amount of damage possible. You should also put some points into the summoning tree because none of the other abilities are actually very useful when you’re in bear form. You can’t curse when in bear form, but you can’t summon when you’re in bear form either. After you’ve gotten everything else, put all of your remaining points into skeleton mastery.

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