What is the soul metaverse and when will it arrive?

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Definition of the Metaverse

The term “Metaverse ” was invented and first used in Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk science fiction novel Snow Crash in 1992. The author envisaged a kind of virtual world, interconnected via the internet, in which individuals could live and create anything they desired by manipulating the 3D environment in this novel. The term Meta, on the other hand, comes from Greek and meaning “beyond.” Indeed, Face book has selected this new name to be the most emblematic of the corporate character, which has always sought to connect people through various platforms.

What exactly is the soul metaverse?

It is maybe the largest initiative since the internet’s inception, and it is so inventive, radical, and ambitious that we could even call it the internet’s successor. In fact, the soul metaverse will be an immersive virtual environment to which everyone will have access to execute the most diverse everyday activities.

Metaverse how it works

Each individual in the virtual world will have a unique 3D representation known as an avatar. These can be made based on the circumstances for which they will be used (for example a photorealistic representation for business meetings, or a more cartoony one to play with friends). The avatars in the metaverse will serve to strengthen the impression of presence by using body language and facial expressions that mimic our natural motions. You will be able to access your virtual house, which you may furnish at your leisure, with them. This will include your own digital items, and you will be able to invite your friends as well as work on it. Then, from our house, we may teleport to the homes of friends or other places of interest to us. We could have fun, work, shop, go to the gym, and take training courses, and so on by accessing the metaverse. The options are nearly limitless.

Metaverse will be a virtual realm that can be accessed via any device. You may utilize a VR device to receive the fullest experience available for a more immersive encounter. You can either utilize an augmented reality device or a more standard one, such as a PC or Smartphone.

Application domains

Creators and developers will create the Metaverse. The potential and future application areas are limitless. Currently, the following sectors are included in the project:

  • Gaming (always a dominant area); Fitness;
  • Work (the goal of Horizon Workrooms is to evolve remote working);
  • Education (learning will be considerably more immersive and incisive with VR);
  • Business (the services must be inclusive and for everyone, there will be physical and digital products for sale that can probably be purchased with cryptocurrencies).

What are the opportunities in the metaverse?

For developers, makers, and designers, the Metaverse will be both a fantastic opportunity and a struggle. Meta intends to invest massive sums each year and hire a big number of employees, particularly in Europe. Many technologies are involved in the development stage, ranging from VR to AR to Mixed Reality. The design and evolution of user interfaces and user experiences, which must include simple and intuitive interactions, gestures, and voice commands, are also critical. As a result, inclusivity will be a critical aspect.

Interoperability is a fundamental premise of the Metaverse, without which the idea of a single platform would vanish. As a result, there will be a plethora of software communication interfaces (APIs) and, without a doubt, crypto currencies or other unique virtual trade currencies in the metaverse. This will enable the establishment of a new online commerce model based on the purchasing of solely digital 3D objects. NFTs are one example: actual works of art in the form of unique pieces (confirmed by block chain) that can be acquired on the Metaverse. The virtual items can then be assigned to their own virtual residence (horizon home).

When it comes to the metaverse

The Metaverse project has already begun, and it is currently partially accessible with Oculus via Horizon Home. However, there is mention of at least 5-10 years of development, so we may see the Metaverse as we envisage it in roughly 15 years.

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