Why Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes are the Best Choices for Your Soap Company

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If you are in the soap business, then you know that presentation is everything. Customers want their soap to be packaged nicely and attractively so they can sell it more easily. One of the most popular packaging solutions for soap boxes is custom tray and sleeve boxes. These containers are made out of corrugated cardboard but have a plastic tray inside, making them waterproof. This means that your customers will not need to worry about getting their hands dirty or having water damage ruin their products. Learn more by reading this article on why custom tray and sleeve boxes are the best choices.

Custom tray and sleeve boxes are great for making your soap look good from the outside, but what about the inside? Many companies choose to put their soaps in a plastic bag or wrap them with tissue paper before putting them into a custom box.

This is not only wasteful. But it can make people feel as though you were trying to save money by using cheap materials instead of giving customers high-quality items that they would be proud to display on their shelves.

The best solution is often going back to basics. Adding simple inserts made out of corrugated cardboard. Which fit perfectly into the size and style of box chosen for each product line.

These inserts need to be much sturdier than those seen at many retail stores. Because they will be moving from warehouses to retail outlets and then off the shelves. So again, it’s a challenge that can’t be met with one product choice. But must vary by business line and the style of box chosen for each brand.

Amazing Customization Choices:

In addition, I’m going to explain how inserts help make high-quality custom paper trays and sleeves even better than simply putting products in their original packaging or placing them into plastic bags before popping them inside a simple cardboard box.

Unfortunately, many companies choose not to use custom corrugated insert options at all. Because most people don’t realize how much they can improve a packaging presentation. In addition, custom inserts are confusing. Because many companies will market them as “inserts” and not make it clear whether or not the actual box is custom made, or if customers simply have paper trays/sleeves inserted inside an existing corrugated box to hold their products in place during shipping.

It’s important for soap company owners who want to use corrugated boxes as part of their brand image to know what options exist so they can choose one that makes sense for their product line and budget. That said, there are three main types of soap boxes you might consider: bare-bones cardboard boxes (e.g., U-Line), custom printed and assembled boxes (e.g., Highland Packaging), and custom printed and unassembled boxes with inserts/trays to hold the soap in place during shipping (i.e., you provide your own plastic tray).

The advantage of using insert or custom made paper trays are that they are less expensive than a fully assembled box, but it’s important to note that if you need more complex shapes for your product — e.g., round bottles instead of rectangular bars — then an insert may not work well because it requires the entire package to be flat on one side so your products can lie flush against each other in their compartments without falling over when stacked together vertically.

For instance, many companies that make soap prefer basic cardboard corrugated boxes for their trays.

This is because the cardboard box needs to be wrapped in the plastic film so the soap doesn’t leak or come into contact with any particles that may contaminate it, increasing production costs and time dramatically if you have a large order.

For example, an insert might not work as well as a fully assembled paperboard tray like this one:

Few companies out there making custom corrugated inserts (like here), they’re more expensive than using flat cardstock dividers on your own, especially when you factor all of those other benefits we talked about earlier — less wasted packaging materials and higher perceived value among customers who look at attractive product displays every day. So, keep these benefits in mind when you’re shopping around for a soap box supplier.


Experts Opinion:

The first step to choosing the right manufacturer is understanding what kind of soaps you’ll be selling, where they will ship from, and their size/shape/weight. Then also consider how much turnaround time matters — are you trying to meet an upcoming holiday deadline, or do your customers expect delivery within just a few days? Lastly, think about whether shipping costs matter more than container choice (often not) — if it’s cheaper to pay extra fees on bulk shipments, then that might change which boxes work best with your products.

And don’t forget about all those other factors we discussed earlier:

less wasted packaging materials

less wasted time

and more satisfied customers.

Of course, there will be some tradeoffs. High-end soaps might need a different box than less expensive ones. For instance, the way you package them could affect how buyers or competitors perceive them if your products are on display in stores.

And once you’ve worked out those details, it’s important to choose high-quality custom tray and sleeve boxes. That can stand up to shipping (and maybe some rough handling). You want each soap box design to feel as fresh as its contents do when they arrive at their destination, after all! If not, then no one will buy another product from your company, some of which means jobs. So, make sure you consider these options before you go ahead and order your custom soap boxes.

Custom tray and sleeve boxes are the perfect packaging’s for soap companies. Why? They are durable, compact, and will get your product to its destination unharmed. Plus, they can be customized to make them more appealing to potential customers. This blog post is going to introduce you to the custom tray and sleeve boxes; how they work today; why these particular types of packaging are ideal for soap businesses; what kind of customization options there are available; and finally, we’ll give an example of a company that has successfully used this type of packaging on their products.

Custom tray and sleeve boxes are the best choices for your soap company! When you’re looking to make a lasting impression, custom packaging is by far one of the most effective ways. So we’ve put together this blog post to help tell you. That why it’s worth investing in customized soap boxes for your business.

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