5 Essential Tips for Packing and Transporting Custom Kraft Boxes Safely to Your Client

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When you ship custom packaging, make sure it arrives in one piece. Pack it well. You will want to use the best packing materials. Custom packaging is important for products sold online.  It is for in-person because it captures customers’ attention and protects your products from damage. If something faces damages, it’s more likely that it will end returne by the customer. They are durable, lightweight, and cost-effective.

However, when it comes to packing up these custom boxes in preparation for transport, there is a right way and wrong way of doing so custom retail boxes are a safe and reliable way to transport your product. If you pack and transport your things, you can avoid breakage or damage during shipment. Pack the box tightly with heavy items on one side and lighter items like clothes on the other side so they don’t shift around too much. Put your flat things under your heavy objects to fill space.

1. Make sure your custom kraft boxes fit in with the rest of your packaging.

If you’re ordering custom boxes to put your product in, make sure these boxes match the rest of how you package your product. Different packaging might confuse customers and they may not know why the boxes are different. Make sure that if you have custom boxes that these also match how you package your products so customers can understand what is happening easier. If you are a business owner, it is helpful to have a box in your office where you can mail in custom boxes.

That way, if a customer doesn’t want the product they ordered from you, you can send them a new one on the same day. On each custom box there is information on why this specific one was made. You also have notes on the back of the box that say when someone received it too. If you are not a retailer, companies recommend putting your boxes and products on the ground outside of the office.

Your staff should walk the box to the next person that orders after mentioning it. If you want them to have a personal message, then write some notes outside of the box as a thank you note for them. The message you write should be about what is specific to your product. For example, “product care during shipment.” The people who come to your website get interesting messages. You want to take extra care when shipping the product so it arrives safely at its destination. You can ask them if they want you to ship it for them and they’ll agree because they trust you with their product.

2. Always use plenty of padding when you ship in custom kraft boxes to avoid damage.

Never share your shipping information with anyone. You should keep it safe. Put locks on both the inside and outside of the box. Keep your shipping info private, so people can’t see it. Take extra care to protect your shrink film and warranty seals. Your tracking number is not a very important number, but it acts like one. It is best to take extra steps to protect this number.

Make sure that you have friendly handwriting on the address of the customer. This will help them understand exactly where and when the package will arrive. Custom packaging can be customized in many different ways, but fortunately, most retailers offer some color options that are easy to notice and remember. The stuffing of different materials keep it safe. These materials also help to differentiate the product from its competitors. This will give you a better idea of what your product looks like and how packaging happens.

Market research on new products should be done before beginning production. A small test batch can be produced first, or if it is large enough, tested by an external lab. This gives you the opportunity to make changes on new products before launching them in bulk quantities, which can save time and money on new designs that do not work effectively for your customers. Also use high-quality packaging design software that you are familiar with when designing custom style packages for your business. You want to create an effective look that has a strong impact on potential customers so they will buy your goods.

3. Pack them efficiently so you can fit as much in as possible — but don’t overstuff them!


Pack the boxes so they can hold as much as possible, but don’t fill them up. You might need an expanding bag to help you put in more stuff. Label the boxes with information for your customer to write on. Follow the instructions and pack everything properly and it will be safe and ready to go home.

Label each product with a name. Even if your company has the same product names, it is easier for customers to read labels. What order do they appear in? Is it alphabetical? Is it random? What color are they?

Label your product with a code if it is available in multiple colors. For example, if you have red apples, blue strawberries, green grapes, etc., mark them with those codes. Make sure that your database of the flavors of each color is up to date (green mints, yellow apples, red kiwis)

  1. Put your business name and phone number on each of your products so that if something is stolen or copy, you have a way to get it back. If you have any physical storefronts, give sales reps business cards with all of their contact information so customers can call them if they want to.
  2. Choose your color and boxes from the list of colors and pre-made label codes, and label your boxes according to the code on the labels. Make labels for your containers using capital letters.

 4. Use multiple custom kraft boxes to ship large items safely.

When you ship heavy items like jewelry or shoes, you need more than one box. It is a good idea to use a box that is smaller than the item. For example, if you are shipping peanut butter in a jar and it needs to be shipped quickly, use a padded custom shipping box. This will make sure your package arrives safely and have delivery fast. Custom packaging is a great way to protect your products from damage and make them look better. You will need your own guidelines for how to package the product, but remember that you have to transport it over streets and highways.


You should store your kraft boxes in a place where they are first. Do you have to store it somewhere else? Will this make it break or get some dents? You should also replace it if you buy a box at a junkyard or the bait shop. So, the best thing is to shop from print packaging online When you get a box that is lost or cracked, it likely means that there are missing pieces. If your box is dented or warped, it has been misplaced and will need to be repaired or replaced.

When someone returns a box because of a cracked lid, replace it right away. It’s important to protect the boxes by putting them in heavy-duty plastic and packaging them loosely so they don’t get wet or scratched before you heat up the cardboard and stamp the logo on it so they can be shipped on the next day.



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